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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Not under the bed this time around...

In the 50s it was "Reds under the Bed". Now that there appears to be the high-profile prevention of a home-grown terrorist attack (the Fort Dix Six) by people who were so ingenious and devious as to try to have their terrorist training videos duplicated by some clerk at a local Circuit City store, there are already newspaper articles popping up even in liberal papers with the headline, "The Terrorists Next Door?" (WP). So now, it's just about guaranteed that a violent act of vigilante "justice" is right around the corner and it will undoubtedly be visited upon someone innocent. Let me just take the time to thank the print media for being such incredible inciters!

Additionally, there were articles yesterday claiming that there are Iranian-backed operatives in South And Central America ready to swarm up here like Killer Bees....Great! That brings it all home by combining the Terrorists-Next-Door with the Hordes of Illegals Streaming Across the Border! Perfect! It's almost too perfect, though isn't it? Is this how they want to bring the Lou Dobbs fans back over to the President's side?

Now please don't tell me that nobody sees what a boon all of this is to the approval ratings of the Administration. Every time I see something that automatically hits the primitive fear section of people's brains, I am tempted to ask questions.

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